Save Mac Battery power by adjusting the backlit keyboard

If you wish to make your battery last a little longer on your Mac , you can configure the Backlit Keyboard to switch off after a predefined time, if it is not being used, heres how

1. Go to System Preferences ( by clicking the apple icon on the menu bar )

2. Click on the Keyboard Preferences

3. Tick “Adjust Keyboard brightness in low light”

4. then adjust “turn off when computer is not used for” to the time you are comfortable with ( mines at 10 sec)


Forgot your WiFi password? Confused what password did you use at work, home and other places ? there is an easy fix!

Fix 1

a) To view the Wi-Fi password or security key for the active connection, open Network and Sharing Center in the Control Panel.

b) Click the Wireless Network Connection

c) Then Click on Wireless Properties, and click the Show characters check box.

P.S. This works on computers before Windows 8

Fix 2

WirelessKeyView utility from NirSoft recovers all wireless network security passwords  stored in your computer