Airtel Voicemail Setup

To activate voice mail in Airtel


Dial *321*671#
This will activate voicemail in your Airtel phone


Dial 52555
Follow the instructions and enter your new 4 digit pin and change your welcome message


To activate call forwarding to voice mail during busy dial *67*9810098200#

If busy
Check Status: *#67*11#
Activate: *67*9810098200*11#

Deactivate: #67*11#

If no answer
Check Status: *#61*11#
Activate: *61*9810098200*11*[second]# choose anything 5 to 30 seconds

Deactivate: #61*11#

If unreachable
Check Status: *#62*11#
Activate: *62*9810098200*11#

Deactivate: #62*11#

Please note these are for Delhi, for other circles you may need to replace 98XXXXXXXX


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