Airtel Voicemail Setup

To activate voice mail in Airtel


Dial *321*671#
This will activate voicemail in your Airtel phone


Dial 52555
Follow the instructions and enter your new 4 digit pin and change your welcome message


To activate call forwarding to voice mail during busy dial *67*9810098200#

If busy
Check Status: *#67*11#
Activate: *67*9810098200*11#

Deactivate: #67*11#

If no answer
Check Status: *#61*11#
Activate: *61*9810098200*11*[second]# choose anything 5 to 30 seconds

Deactivate: #61*11#

If unreachable
Check Status: *#62*11#
Activate: *62*9810098200*11#

Deactivate: #62*11#

Please note these are for Delhi, for other circles you may need to replace 98XXXXXXXX

9 thoughts on “Airtel Voicemail Setup

    • I was having this same issue…contact Airtel on twitter and tell them to activate voicemail for you …add the screen shot of the issue, your mobile no. And your sim serial no.


  1. Hey I figured this out (Its simple)
    Activate by dialing:- *321*671#
    Very Important :- You will receive a message with confirmation “it will give you a number to dial your voice mail while roaming, Note this down- this is important number).
    Go to call settings and forward your calls to the above Number.
    Now dial 52555 and set your voice message and manage your profile.


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  3. Fed up of airtel….. no network in my area ….. simple call forwarding to voice mail doeant get activated …. cant wait to change the service provider….


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