Two Factor Authentication

Recent events have once again reinforced the need for security precautions for cloud / email services.

One of the best other than a strong unique password for each site protection is 2 factor authentication, which is now being offered by mostly all cloud service providers, including Google (Gmail), ( Microsoft), Facebook , iCloud (Apple) amongst many others.

The advantage is that one not only needs a password but another pin to authenticate, the ID.

Two factor authentication works many ways, the two most popular methods are:

1) SMS to a verified mobile number

2) Using a software on your mobile ( e.g. Google Authenticator)

Though google authenticator is a nice software, I have been testing “Authy” . It is a brilliant software which is easy to use, available on IOS, ANDROID and WEB. With chrome extension for us those who do use it

It is currently available on the above platforms and the best thing…it syncs amongst all of them.

This is what the official site has to say

Authy is the first strong authentication platform built for large-scale applications and built with the end-user in mind. 

With Authy you get all the benefits of strong authentication with the simplicity that you’ve always wanted for your customers.

Authy was founded on a simple, powerful idea: everyone should be able to use strong authentication. With most of the world’s data stored in the cloud, passwords are no longer enough. Unfortunately the alternatives are too complex and hard to use for most people, so only very few end up benefiting from stronger authentication methods. At Authy we want to change that. We believe that the solution lays between the intersection of security and humanities. By building on top of existing and secure technologies like HOTP and RSA, but making them accessible to anyone, Authy has helped over 800 businesses provide strong two-factor authentication to thousands of people.”

Google Play Store Android App

Apple App Store IOS App

Chrome WebStore 


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